JL 2017

At last the childhood craziness of the Justice League is out in theaters as Live action film. There has been a lot of speculation and expectations revolving around the movie and its in big screen now. But did the movie do well at the box office or did it meet the audience and fans expectation?

I would say it partially did and partially not. According to me the casting was at its best with Gal Gadot playing the Wonder Woman, Ray Fisher as the Cyborg, Ezra Miller as The Flash, Jason Mamoa as the Aquaman, Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavil as Superman. Even though Batman is the one who is supposed to lead the team in the battle, it felt like Wonder Woman had more screen space and control over the movie than Batman or any other superhero. May be because Wonder Woman was the only big hit for DC with respect to box office and also positive reviews.

The Flash was funny and more or less resembled the Marvel movies. Aquaman was masculine and shown as a powerful superhero but since these characters are first seen in this movie playing full time roles, I expected a back story of each of them would have done enough justice. Rather it feels more alienated and movie audiences could not relate and connect very soon. The Flash character literally felt like “Hey where is Barry Allen who comes in the TV series?”

Superman’s resurrection was compelling and the fight sequences following that was astonishing and fun ride to watch. I hope it would be everyone’s best scene in the movie especially the Flash and Superman meet in particular. After that the movie goes haste and becomes more predictable. Not to mention about the evil villain who has a new goal of taking over the earth and destroy it, Steppen Wolf. The villain character was very poorly developed that he hardly does any harm to the world or our superheros. He is given so much hype just to get defeated at ease by Superman.

Technically the movie is strong at some places and overly used at many places. Superman actor Henry Cavil had to do some re-shoot after he was relieved from official shooting period by then he was committed to MI-6 where he had to sport a beard and mustache. That had to be removed in the movie digitally and that is very well seen obvious at many places, especially the opening scene. Joss Whedon what did you do to our Superman?

Fans were again disappointed with the scenes that were supposedly deleted, which were seen in the teaser and trailers. There are references for Green Lantern but nothing much other than that few seconds. But this movie should be given an applause for DC’s take of Justice League in a lighter and entertaining tone rather than the usual dark and serious tone. Considering that this is just a start and more movies are to come in future, we shall hope that DC would do good job in upcoming projects. The post credit scene introduced Death stroke and also about the league of villains that Lex Luthor is planning to form which would possibly be a clue for the upcoming movies in DC Extended universe.

Zack Synder had done a very decent job with this DC’s most expected movie of the decade. But we would never get to know the real vision of Zack Synder until a Directors cut is being released, as the movie we saw was re-edited and modified with Joss Whedon taking over the directing department after absence of Zack Synder.

The movie seem to have collected less at the box office considering the collection made by previous DC movies. With a 34% at Rotten tomatoes, the movie also seem to have a mixed to bad reviews by critics with many fans praising the movie for its funny and lighter tone. Overall the movie is a must watch for hardcore DC or superhero fans and sure one time watch for other normal audiences. Watch the movie and share your comments.

You cant Save the world alone !!

Photo credits: https://batman-news.com

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