Disney never fails amaze us in making of animated movies and extracting the emotions between not real-fantasized-animated characters. In Coco, it is once again proven that Disney and Pixar combo is always a must go for any type of movie lovers.

Miguel, the protagonist boy from the big family of shoe makers, is a music lover who is very much interested in singing and playing guitar. He is inspired to become a famous stage singer just like his idol Ernesto de la Cruz – a renowned musician and singer who had died in a stage accident.

Coming from a family who totally discards music in any form, Miguel tries to become a singer and on the course unravels his family past and ancient history between the real world and ghost world. He is taken into the ghost world by his ancestors who by then comes to real world to meet their loved ones on the Day of Dead. Getting stuck in the ghost world, how did Miguel solve his family’s mystery of disliking music and how he came back to the real world forms the rest of the story in this more emotional and fun filled musical ride.

All the characters who had given voice to these animated characters had brought them to life and had made the audiences to be engaged throughout the movie. I am big lover of Mexican music and there is a lot of foot tapping songs and background scores through out the movie. This reminds us that the music is a part of us and anyone can relate to it at anytime or any mood. When they reveal the Ghost city, it does looks incredible and the animators had put in a lot of effort to create each and every bit of that city which we see in that one particular scene.

Animated movies is a no big deal for the Disney movie makers but the story, character development and the emotions they create within those characters is the magic they create. This is one such movie which you can enjoy with your whole family. A perfect weekend can end with Coco.

You have to Seize the moment !!


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