Hiking is one of the most intense intimate experience with the nature. Personally, I always wanted to try or become more frequent with hiking or trekking. But the day to day busy life pulled me back and kept me lazy. Even though I had extreme experience of going for Hiking and Trekking on some of the dangerous and most spectacular locations in Southern India, I did not get much or no chance to do the same after I moved to United States. Just a nostalgic mention, Chembra Peak in Wayanad, Kerala is one of the best trekking I had ever been in my life until now.

So, there was this day were I was asked by my friend for a small walk in a a near by trail and that pushed me to go on a hike which is just 1 mile from my place. Its called as the Renaissance Park, a small picnic shelter with Golf and Volleyball courts. That trail was good for a start and after that I always wanted to do try and explore the different places which is commutable and easily accessible for a day on any weekend.

After a long break, I got a spark and self-motivation to go out on a hike. I started looking for places which is quite at a quick travelling distance and also outside the city limits. Finally decided to go to Lake Norman State park which had one of the best trail in Charlotte, NC. I managed to get a company while on the way and thus we started to Lake Norman which was nearly a 1 hour 10 minutes drive. One the way we grabbed a quick Subway Sandwich and were proceeding to our destination.

We browsed and got enough information regarding the trail on the way which helped us to traverse quickly to the right place. There were three different trail at Lake Norman State park, and we chose the Lake shore trail which is one of the must see trails in Charlotte spanning for over 6 miles surrounding the Lake shore. It was indeed a scenic footpath mostly along the shore of the lake and gave a glimpse of the water and land together.

With the Fall coming to an end and Winter getting started, the weather was perfect for us and fall colors were on their cycle of getting dry which gave another new perspective of the trees around the park. We met few other fellow travelers on the hiking way, who greeted us enthusiastically and shared smiles. The shine of the setting sun gave us a kind of replenishing feel. We did stop for few very short photographic moments and its proved that nature is the best when it comes to learning photography. The snaps here are the ones which was take with my Apple Iphone-7.


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So the excitement to be on hiking made us want more, but the trail at last came to an end. It was successful hiking which was planned at the very last moment and still we made it without any hiccups. So now I would try to gather some more same-minded people and the ones who will not slow us down, then try on going to explore more in and around the city. If no one turns up due to some reasons, it would not stop me from going still. The Winter and Cold might stop me, yes “Winter is Coming”.

The silence of nature, buzz of insects, mild noise of wind and the leaves and sound of your footpath are the one among the many things you do  not get to see in daily life routine. I got to know the thick relation between humans and nature. We are nature and we are blended with it, you can feel it at times like this.

Hiking does not need a partner or any group, and it is not either a competition. Pack up and start exploring the trails near you and you will start expanding your hiking geographic area and might end up enjoying the moments.

Since we had an unplanned or rather last minute planned hiking, we were not very well prepared. I did pack some biscuits, and a bottle of water but still the mobile went out of charge. Make sure you have a pair of good trekking shoes, or you can manage with running shoes as well which is good for some moderate level hiking. So I strongly suggest anyone going on hike to be well prepared based on their personal difficulties and preferences. Here are some of the Tips to hike safely.

Hiking – Wandering were the Wifi is weak !



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