There are enough Superheroes. Venom – the origin story of the anti-hero in the Spidey universe has done some decent job, to be more specific as said by the comic nerds – the movie is more comic accurate.

Life Foundation does a space research to find some alternative ways to combine human and alien (called as symbiote) life form together for future survival after before all of the earth’s resources is exhausted. After acquiring some weird alien stuff which they call as symbiote, they start to test it on homeless people and see failure in every attempt.

Eddie Brock a successful reporter loses his job after his interview with the madman who runs the company, which also costs him love life. Circumstances makes him to come in contact with one of the symbiote and he seems to be a perfect fit for it. Thus the venom is formed and they gain power and start creating chaos around the city.

At the same time there seems to be another symbiote with a villainous plan which combines with the evil man. How these two confront and what happens next forms the rest of the story.

There are some very humorous scenes as we usually see in all Marvel movies, some great and fast paced action sequences. But what I felt was, the movie was little bit predictive and not very grippy. This is still worth a watch and has more potential for a sequel and I would be very much excited if they could bring this character in to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Tom Hardy makes this whole movie a single man show. Right from the scene were he was introduced as a reporter to a confused maniac turning character due to the contact with the symbiote, he just blow our minds. The antagonist Riz Ahmed looks like a ‘silent calm young owner of the Largest firm’ kind and stays that way. So when we are forced to seem him as the villain we just can’t accept it but that’s not a big deal anyway.

Jack’s Verdict

Overall the movie is a very good watch for superhero and comic book fans alike. Nothing to get disappointed because you get to see what you pay for.  We are Venom !!


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