This Netflix original horror movie made its entry today and I decided to give it a try watching it.

It is about two siblings who make their side income by acting like ghost hunters. The story takes place in 1963 where they are shown going on a ghost hunt and trying to scare the house mates. Angela gets teriffied by some paranormal attack that happens during the ghost like investigation.

Later she starts to see and feel some supernatural ghostly effects around and wnated to stay away from the fake ghost hunting jobs. But her brother Jackson brings up a ghost hunting job in a abandoned palace where just an old lady lives. She complaints that the house has some strange laughing and screaming noises of little girls who were supposedly killed in that house.

What happens when they start the fake paranormal investigation and how they end up in the mess, makes this movie a supernatural and psychological horrot movie.

The last 20 mins of the movie gets more thrilled and bloody and almost gets us at the edge of the seat. With that being said, the scary scenes in the movie aren not scary, there were not so many jump scare scenes, the music was hardly audible or created a eerie effect. The story and screenplay was very loosely built which makes the first half of the movie very slow and not so gripping.

Jack’s Verdict

If you badly wanna see some horror movie and continue to text your crush, this is the movie for you. The last 20 mins would pull you back and get your attention and yes thats the worthy part of it. Watch a better horror movie if you do not want to waste time.

Check out “Malevolent” on Netflix


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