Page, Arizona in the east of the Navajo land is known for the Antelope Canyons, Horseshoe bend and Lake Powell.

Antelope canyons have two separate slot canyons the lower antelope and the upper antelope canyons. There are guided tours for both the canyons. We cannot go and explore the places by ourselves and we have to book for the tours through the providers website. Ken and Dixie’s are the two major tour providers in the area. You can go for the Lower antelope or Upper antelope or both if your time permits. Each tour goes for around 40 mins to 1 hour based on the crowd. When we went there was a decent amount of crowd and we had time only for the lower antelope.

Upper antelope is a bit expensive than the lower antelope. You can get to see the famous beam of rays in the upper antelope. Lower antelope starts in one place and exits out another so its a one way route, but whereas the upper antelope has one route which is used for both entry and exit.

Lower antelope would require us to go down 95 feet with the help of steep iron ladders and those iron ladders are slippery sometimes so watch your feet. The formations here are amazing and it’s more interesting when the guide tells you it looks like this and it looks like that, that’s the fun part. For instance the below is called as the Windy lady, like a lady who lets her hair flow in the wind. This is my favourite.

But nevertheless both these canyons are real treat to our eyes and every angle gives you a perfect click. It would be worth your time and you can get great pictures for your social media. You can book your tours by following the links in the below page,

Apart from the Antelope Canyons, there are two other attractions in near by proximity., The horseshoe bend and Lake Powell. Horseshoe bend takes a 15 mins hike up the hill to the horseshoe rock formation in the canyons. There are not protective fences so you can actually go up to the edge for some mind bending pictures.  This place is mostly crowded by photo enthusiasts but still you can always manage to get a picture with no one in your frame. Any picture you take here would be stunning and that’s they beauty of it. The picture posted here was taken when there was around 50 people surrounding that place.

Lake Powell is a water reserve formed within the Antelope Canyons which is another mind blowing spot. There are many adventures that can be done here like Boat tours, Kayaking, and other recreational activities, and its pretty crowded during the summer. There are various options for the boat tours and you can pre-book your tickets in the below link,

Antelope Canyons will be really worth your time and should be one of the places to be added in your bucket list. I can also say that this is one of the best photographic locations in the west.


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