The movie start in the current time, 40 years after the incident of the first Halloween movie which was set in 1978. Michael Myers is imprisoned in a mental health facility who is being visited by some reporters who is doing a story on the Halloween murders that happened back 40 years ago. After getting nothing from Michael, who doesn’t speak any word to them they go to get the insight of the story from Laurie.

Laurie had been preparing herself, practicing all self defense activities which made her life miserable and her daughter being seperated from her. During the transfer of the patients from that facility, the bus meet with an accident and Michael Myers escapes and gets back to his killing spree. How did he get to Laurie, and her family, and how they stopped them once and for all forms the rest of the story.

The movie just starts from the place it left in 1978, and skipping/ignoring all the other sequels that came in between. With Jamie Lee Curtis reprising her role as Laurie, and few other characters as well from the first movie, it gives a spine chilling atmosphere with the creepy music and decent amount of jump scares. Towards the climax the twist and fast screenplay makes us very engaged and thrilled.

Blood and merciless killings are part of the movie which makes it a good halloween treat for the horror fans. All the casts have done their parts well and I would give more credits to the music and sound effects, and then the screenplay.

Jack’s Verdict

The movie is a real treat to the horror fans and worth watching if you were a fan of John Carpenter’s 1978 Halloween.


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