The story of Robin Hood is something which we have heard, read, seen and listened more than many times in our life. So this movie is not going to tell us anything new from that tale, it’s the same hooded outlaw – Robin Hood, who steals from the rich and helps the poor.

Taron Egerton as Robin and Jamie Foxx as his mentor, had done some decent job by their charismatic screen presence. But all the characters were very poorly drafted and they had actually nothing to do anything new in the movie. For instance, Robin is already a warrior who has good arrow skills, why does he want to get trained again and those scenes are very predictable as of what is going to happen next. Similarly, Marian’s is seem to be with someone else once Robin is out on the war and is mistakenly declared death, but it is anticipated easily that they are going to get back together anyway. Such scenes are so miserable that it doesn’t bring any purpose.

There are no big twist in the movie and all of the scenes are straightforward and  unsuprising. The biggest plus of the movie is the stylish camera-work and mind blowing action sequences. Battle fights in Arabia, Street fights and Chases, and the riot fight were captured seamlessly and is an aboslute treat to watch such breath-taking action sequences. But they could not save the movie from being insipid and dreary.

Jack’s Verdict

You can definitely watch the movie for its brilliant and breath-taking action sequences but not for its story line and acting. Robin Hood – Lord of Dozy !!



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