With Narcos coming to end with Season 03, I was wondering how they would take it forward. But Netflix again surprised me by bringing Narcos : Mexico with the same style, theme and suspenseful story based on true events.

This happens before or during the timeline of Narcos Season 01, where a group of people in Sinaloa grows weed and smuggles those as their primary job to make money. Felix a law enforcer, who is also associated with the locals who are into that business, has some ties to make the business big and make more money. Sooner he becomes the don of Guadalajara and sets up his empire.

When the Colombian route of cocaines is exposed they need a new route to transport and they chose Mexico and hence Felix gets involved in the narco business which makes him more powerful in the country. Felix grows more powerful that he could not control his self esteem and tries to buy and own whatever stops in his way, which includes the police and eventually the whole of army towards the end.

The American DEA with handful of people with no support back in the days work by just collecting information and providing it to the Intels who work above them. A very enthusiastic DEA agent, Kiki Camerena tries to be proactive and bring the law breakers to justice. How he does that and what happens in the journey forms the rest of the series.

Just like its predecessor this Narcos : Mexico is also violent, gangster full, musical, and top notch making. Diego Luna plays as the calm and corrupted Guadalajara cartel boss Felix and Michael Pená plays the proactive DEA agent Kiki Camerana. Both of these main leads has done a neat job and there are only couple of portions in the whole series these two characters collide and that’s the pinnacle of story telling with Narcos.

The tension which gets created with the capturing of Rafa who gets escaped from the DEA and government agencies, the search by the DEA when Kiki is abducted and tortured by the cartels, the war and chase sequences were all edge of the seat thrillers and had all of us at it. It was emotional and powerful, for the fact that it was actually potraying true events which happened in real (with some fictional works)

Narcos : Mexico is a must watch for the ones who were a fan of Narcos series. Though Narcos Season 03 did not give us the same what the first 2 season gave us, this Mexico version is sure to full-fill that thirst for the fans. Netflix has once again made it. Eagerly waiting for the next season.

Watch the complete season in  NETFLIX


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