This Netflix tv series is another good addition onto the list of worth watching Netflix Original series. Starting from the first episode the tension starts to build about how the series is going to be and is well maintained until the end of the season.

 The first episode gets started with the protagonist David Budd traveling in a train with his children and notices some suspicious activity happening in the train. Being a cop and former army men, he gets curious to see what is happening and ends up finding a suicide bomber who sits in the restroom. It turns out to be an innocent lady and he convinces her to not detonate the bomb and saves everyone

Seeing this, he is given the job of PPO for the most targeted and controversial Politician  in the country, Hon. Julia Montague . He does is job well until he is asked to tap and surveillance her by his superiors. Things happen differently within them after he rescues her from the first attack, and they get into an unexpected relationship. While conspiracies keep raising, she is killed in a bomb attack and thus puts Budd in a critical position.

He tries to kill himself but is somehow escapes. With being left in disappointment and frustration, he starts tracking the killers and what happened to him and his family, did he get justice for the murder of Julia forms the rest of the series. The story telling and screenplay is very neatly presented with all the lead characters doing their job well.

Action sequences are more thrilling than exciting, especially the bomb diffusing scenes in the starting and in the end. The series also has a handful of unexpected twists which makes the audience to be glued to the series. It is a perfect series in Netflix to be binge watched.

I started seeing the series just because Richard Madden in the front of the series thumbnail (Robb Stark in Game of Thrones). I would say that I am not disappointed and I liked the entire series. This is a single standalone TV series so we cannot expect a follow up season, but who knows what Netflix has in line. They always come up with things which we can never expect, just like Narcos : Mexico.

Jack’s Verdict: If you are looking for a series to binge watch for the season and if you are okay with a political thriller, then go for Bodyguard. You would not be disappointed                                                        

Watch the complete series in Netflix


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