This movie probably missed the halloween dates and got released close to the Christmas. So it’s another horror movie, demonic possession and bunch of jump scares. I wanted to check this movie out for Shay Mitchell who plays the lead protagonist in the movie.

An exorcism of a girl named Hannah Grace goes wrong and they are not able to complete the exorcism successfully as the possessed demon seems to be very powerful. It kills the priest who performs exorcism and seeing this uncontrollable situation, the dad of the possessed girl kills her.

Megan, an ex-cop who is under drugs and medication is the need to get herself distracted from her past and visions she has. She decides to work in night shift at a mortuary, where her major responsibility is to take-in the incoming corpses and fill in the details before loading them in the freezer. On her few days into the job, she gets the intake request at the hospital of a corpse which turns out to be Hannah Grace. Being all by herself in the mortuary for the night, how she survived the possession of Hannah Grace forms the rest of the plot.

The plot was not very interesting, and so as the character development. Few  people get killed by Hannah Grace but what happened to them was never shown clearly. There is no back story of the demon or what it can do if it fully gets its form. The climatic scenes are also not much convincing as it was very simple and predictable. There were some decent jump scares but apart from that, the movie was very slow paced and makes it just another horror movie with usual cliche moments.

Jack’s Verdict : If you ran out of horror movies in Netflix and have time to go to theater and watch a horror movie or if you are the one who watches any horror movies (like me). Then it is for you. If you want a good plot and some decent thriller, please skip.


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