While browsing through Netflix I came across this action flicked named ‘The Debt Collector’ starring Scott Adkins. So I anticipated the movie to have some decent fight sequences and chases. I would say that the movie did not disappoint me.

French (Scott Adkins) is a martial arts teacher who runs a not so profitable martial arts class, and stays behind paying the bills and rent. While looking for an alternative job to save his school he ends up being a mob’s debt collector. His primary job is to collect the debt from criminals who has a due. French is accompanied by his partner Sue, with whom he does a good job collecting the debt on his first day which gives his boss a good impression.

Trusting that French and Sue can pull off any job, their boss takes them to a client named Barbosa whose proposal is to find a club manager who had betrayed him . From here the story moves in a different route and what happened next forms the rest of the story.  The entire story happens in 3 days, from the day French starts his job until this job from Barbosa which drags them into a problem which they never would have anticipated.

The action sequences were decent and enjoyable, and there were some good fun moments. Throughout the story, a group of cows are seeing running and getting ready to be butchered which foreshadows what’s going to happen in the movie to the main lead characters which was actually cool.

Jack’s Verdict : If you are looking for a quick fun filled action movie, go for it and watch The Debt Collector. 


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