At last Marvel Studios has dropped the Captain Marvel movie trailer. We already got a chance to see some glimpse of the intergalactic Kree superhero, but in this trailer we get a little bit more about what the origin story is going to be.

Carol Danvers, a former military agent from earth gets in contact during a fight with the shape shifting aliens called as Skrull’s, and is left to death. She is then taken by the Kree’s who gives her the superpowers, which makes her a part of the Kree’s noble warriors. So she becomes powerful and gets the ability to travel across galaxy’s. 

She is sent to earth to investigate a treat by the Skrull’s and ends up crossing path with Nick Fury, a SHIELD agent. With Nick’s help she figures out that Carol Danvers is from earth and had got her powers from the Kree which made her the superhero Captain Marvel. The visuals in the trailer are great and it seems like there is going to be some mind-blowing intergalactic fights. Captain Marvel trailer also reveals the face mask and the traditional Blue red costume of the lead hero. Expectation and excitement is doubled after this trailer.

The major eagerness among the fans is that, how Captain Marvel and her super powers are going to help in defeating Thanos in Avengers 4. Also everyone should be anticipating with extreme curiosity for the movie and the post credit scenes for some links to live until Avengers 4 is released. The other good news is that Marvel is all set to drop another teaser – yes Avengers 4 Title reveal and teaser is expected to be released coming Wednesday (5th Dec, 2018)


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