If you have seen the western movies where the cowboys ride their horses shooting and fighting in the desert, then you would have not missed to see these sandstone buttes in the background. Monument Valley has been famous to the civilized world since the 1930’s, which even now symbolize the American west for many moviegoers

When me and my friend (who travelled all the way from Arkansas) plan to go to Page, Arizona to explore the Antelope Canyons, we also decided to go to Monument valley and camp out there for the night and start the next day. So we started searching for a camp ground and figured out that there was only two places where we can camp close to Monument valley with the view.

Goulding’s RV and Campground

The View Campground

We chose The View as there were some spots open while we were looking for it. I would say that we were not disappointed by the view (and hence the name of the hotel/campground). It was right in front of the famous three rock formations, and I spent all the night looking at those beautiful rocks standing all alone in such a vast empty land with the moon behind it. 

After some stargazing and moon watching, I got some good sleep as the campground was filled with soft mud which made it more cozy to sleep. The wind was heavy and I was thinking if the tent would fly away (we had to place heavy stones around the tent to make them stay).

I woke up to the sun rise from behind those gigantic rock formations, which I would say that something I had never seen in my life and it was spectacular. It was extremely splendid and I am very glad that we made it to the Monument valley and camped there, it was so satisfying.

There is also a 7 mile driving loop which runs in to the Navajo land where there are few more other rock formations in Monument Valley, but we did not get time to take that drive as we were running late for the flight. It is a rough road mostly muddy and dusty, does not have paved way at most places. So if you are going to take that drive be ready to get your car with dirt.

I would surely go back again and do the same camping, and complete the drive in the valley.


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