A bank robbery planned by a master mind who is called as ‘the professor’, who recruits and trains a bunch of 8 people to pull it off. This is a Spanish tv series which as taken over by Netflix in 2017 and released in streaming network as two separate parts. I started seeing this in Spanish and later realized that it also had an English audio, so I started seeing from the start to understand and follow it clearly.

The recruited 8 thieves break into the Royal Mint of Spain, dressed in red work suits and Dalí masks. They capture everyone hostage and creates a media attention for stating their demands to the police. They are surrounded by police as the news spreads but since they have hostages inside the police starts to communicate with them for demands. The Professor talks to the police via secure network to give his demands and stall the time while the thieves do their job.

Though it looks like a bank robbery in the begin, as and when the story progress we come to know that it’s actually the note printing is what they are planning. They print millions of brand new money and escape by building a tunnel, which would take them 12 days to complete. So they capture the hostages and stall the police as long as they are getting ready with their plan being executed. 

During this long hostage situation, Berlin takes the lead from inside the Royal Mint and starts to behave maniacally with all the hostages and the thieves alike. The affair between Tokyo and Rio, the father son expectations between Moscow and Denver, the relationship that Denver develops with one of the hostage, and few other unexpected things change the course of the plan and everything leads to revealing new perspectives.

The Professor deceives the police who is handling this hostage situation and manipulates her personal issues to use against his will. This goes as a  separate story line which happens outside, and the way he escapes from every little situation he comes across and the plan he does or the one he already planted makes it more interesting and enthralling.

All these are revealed slowly through an interesting and engaging non-linear screenplay throughout the Part 1 of the series. The Part 2 continues exactly from where the Part 1 leaves us with a cliffhanger. Remember this was a complete series and Netflix broke it into 2 parts for streaming. The show starts a bit slow in the beginning and starts to catch speed as you sit through the episodes. The music keeps the series very thrilled and racy. Some top notch camera work adds more pleasure in watching the bank heist with some great colors and tones.

Jack’s Verdict : It is not a usual bank robbery or heist story, it has a purpose and it has some sense into it. Every little detail is being manipulated by the master mind and the tense keeps rising from episode to episode. A sure watch for the weekend. Netflix has also renewed it for a 3rd Part.


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