Another movie based on a novel on the lines of Hunger Games, Divergent, and The Maze Runner. I was impressed by the astonishing visuals from the previews and wanted to watch it in IMAX or Real 3D, so I headed to the theater not expecting a master piece but an entertaining and engaging movie. Well, did the movie meet my expectations?

In the post-apocalyptic world after the world was destroyed by some cataclysmic event, the left out countries goes out to live on huge man made-machines. London, now a giant, dominating predator machine takes everything that comes across its path. A mysterious girl with a mark on her face, tries to kill Thaddeus Valentine who controls London City and tries to build some secret weapon which can kill cities instantly.

The girl is revealed to be Hester Shaw who’s mom was killed by Valentine, and thus she is here to seek revenge. She joins hands with Tom Natsworthy, an apprentice historian and Jihae, the leader of a resistance group to take down Valentine and his evil plans.

The movies plot was very predictable and the whole movie felt like a visually strong ride which took as nowhere. The chases, and actions sequences were humongous and stunning. The lead characters were properly placed but still with a weak story line and improper screenplay, the film fails to impress and fill the expectations.

Jack’s Verdict: Watch out just for its stunning visuals and actions. The movie has already been declared as a box-office bomb, so still watch at your own risk or wait until they come on streaming services.


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